Increased Risk for Hispanics

Hispanics are projected to have the longest life expectancy of any ethnic group and age is a risk factor in developing Alzheimer's Disease.

By 2050:

  • 1 in every 4 people will be of Hispanic/Latino origin

  • Average Hispanic lifespan will be 84 years

  • 16% of the total elderly population will be Hispanic

As our population ages, Hispanics will become the ethnic group most affected by Alzheimer's disease. 

Additionally, it is believed the following factors contribute to the higher prevalence of the disease in Hispanics: 

  • Lack of Education: Education seems to have a protective shield against Alzheimer’s. Hispanics, however, have the lowest education levels of any groups in the US. 1 in 10 Hispanic elders have no formal education and over half have 8 years or less of education

  • Lack of Health Insurance: More than a quarter of Hispanics age 50-64 with a chronic disease are uninsured. Hispanics 64 and above overwhelmingly rely on Medicare and Medicaid

  • Chronic Illness: The chances of developing Diabetes Type 2 and Hypertension are 64% higher than non-Hispanics

All of these factors limit access to early diagnosis and treatment services, creating barriers to Hispanics to participate in research studies to help find a cure.